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The CEO Show with Robert Reiss

Robert Reiss For Forbes

Modere CEO Asma Ishaq on The Future of ECommerce

The challenges of the past year have had a global impact on consumer buying behaviors, spurring us to search for ways to boost our overall health and wellness from the confines of our homes. We’ve read up on the benefits of better sleep habits, exercises, meditations, non-toxic household cleaners, superfoods, and dietary supplements. The heightened demand for more wholesome, natural, and good-for-you products even extended to clean beauty. And needless to say, months of lockdown required many of us to shop online, even those “non-native digitals” among us. As we begin to return to some form of normalcy, experts are curious about which of these consumer trends will last beyond the circumstances.

One brand that is synonymous with health, wellness, and a clean lifestyle is Modere. The clean-label company believes modern health involves pure nutrition and a clean environment across its product categories. I spoke with CEO Asma Ishaq, who is being awarded one of the Top 10 CEOs transforming healthcare in America in the category of Health & Beauty: eCommerce, about her company’s position at the intersection of e-commerce and the natural beauty and health and wellness industries and her vision for the future.

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