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GET A FULL-BODY EXAM: Make skin health a priority in the new year

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Self-improvement is a huge topic this time of the year as people set new, ambitious goals to ring in the New Year. Three areas of focus often mentioned by patients include overall health as well as physical and emotional well-being. As a Dermatologist, I have a creative and unique perspective when suggesting tips to aid patients in this quest for betterment.

Focusing on skin health is simple: If you have not seen a #dermatologist for a full-body exam, this is crucial. Not only can this help with the early detection of skin cancer, but an exam can also alert professionals to any number of skin concerns. When you do get your body exam, if something looks suspicious, don’t panic. There are many options available to create a treatment plan for patients. Melafind is an optical imaging machine we use to get a deeper look into lesions and Xoft Brachytherapy is electronic radiation we use in my practice to treat non-melanoma, skin-cancer patients. If you were to receive a #melanoma diagnosis, a Moh’s procedure for skin cancer could potentially save your life.

Physical well-being can mean different things for different people. Some people want to eat better, quit smoking, or lose weight. I’m proud to offer Thermage “skin tightening, Coolsculpting” fat reduction and Lightwave cellulite treatments to help clients achieve a physical appearance they’ve been working to acquire. A lot of times, people are close to meeting their goals and they could really benefit from one or a number of #aesthetic treatments to help make their goals a reality.

Mental health is another important issue this time of year. People often get over-stressed due to more pressure at work, financial strain from the holidays, or seasonal affective disorder. An interesting study from The Journal of Psychiatric Research suggests that treating patients with Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) can help lessen the symptoms of depression. Botox helps to lessen the appearance of facial lines and #wrinkles. What’s not to smile about there! Some other options to help give you a mood boost could include exercise, meditation, or treating yourself to a massage, facial or light therapy treatment.

Everyone has different things they want to improve on this season when it comes time for considering their New Year’s resolutions. You may be surprised to learn how working with a skincare professional can help you get on the right track with a number of different concerns stretching far beyond simply the appearance of your skin.

Remember a complete approach and you will be closer, with every step, to being where you want and deserve to be!

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