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CHANGE IT UP: Chronic issues can start from overuse injuries

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Once you crack the nut of moving more, there is a chance you may get so excited about the new you that the dreaded overuse injury may occur. I've been there - don't want to do it again!

With your commitment to stay in shape, as you find a passion to live life to the fullest all your years, your exercise technique may fail.

Posture may break down, you may find yourself out of sync and possibly over the lift and over-train. Chronic issues and pain can start from overuse injuries.

Here are some tips to work on:

POSTURE Critical: if in doubt ask or read up on the movement.

FORM Like posture, proper form is crucial to doing a movement correctly.

CORRECT WEIGHT Too much weight can destroy your form and posture. Lighten up and do it slowly, get the most out of the movement.

HYDRATION Keep the water bottle handy and drink it down.

STRETCHING Critical for everyone, but especially my Boomer sisters and brothers.

NUTRITION Before training and after training: macronutrients, fats 20-35 percent of calories, carbs 45-65 percent, and protein 15-25 percent.

REST This is my biggest problem, and a constant struggle, but it may be the Most Important Point. Do not train the same area constantly, switch it up. Some of the big boy fitness companies call it body confusion. I call it don't be a bonehead like me and keep it fresh.

Keep it simple; think about my grit words:

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