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HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: It's Not Easy To Start Healthy Habits.

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Through the years, I've interviewed hundreds of people. I've spoken to politicians, Tv stars, pro and amateur athletes, and countless others who do what they can to live a healthy life. To all of them, and to you, our readers, I extend my deepest respect. It's not easy to start healthy habits.

It is easy to keep them, though. Very easy. Once you find a groove, it feels great. It just takes a bit to get there.

The message to take from each successful feature I've written is simple: keep trying. Setbacks happen. It's life. Birthdays have cake. Vacations have adult beverages and bountiful, tasty menus. Holidays are a pitfall for everyone. Eating is just a part of the challenge.

Exercise is tricky too. Getting older means you won't be able to bounce back as quickly. You'll be sore longer. The weight won't melt off like it did the last time you felt your best. It just doesn't. The body takes longer to shift into healthy gear. It just does. Deal with it.

It's easy to become discouraged and fall back into unhealthy habits. Fight that feeling!

I remember interviewing a marathon runner who took years to lose weight (which is awesome!) and said he could barely jog down the runway when he started his healthy lifestyle journey. He made it down the driveway, then headed down the road to the first telephone pole he saw. The next day he tried to get to the next pole. And so on. Now he runs everywhere.

I can't tell you how many people I've talked to, who have had to overcome multiple injuries. Broken backs, Legs, shoulders. I could understand giving in to the challenge of trying to be #healthy, but so many have fought back and are now doing amazing things leading their best life.

My weight has been on a roller coaster for years. I have it under control now. I'm not going to give it up, either. It's given me the chance to be pain-free. Five knee surgeries and a big belly made it very painful to move around. My thinner self is feeling good right now.

All of the people I interviewed said they had setbacks. They all said it takes time to lose weight and be healthy, so patience is the key. The vast majority set goals and have a support system of loved ones, #trainers, coaches, etc. that keep them accountable.

And most of all, they did not give up.

July is a great time to get out and find that first telephone pole, to see if you can get there. Count calories. Eat less. Track everything. Drink water. Lots of water. It's a simple recipe for success, but it's not easy. Not even close. But it is doable. Very doable.

So, what are you waiting for?

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