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7 Cheerful ways to get active and be healthy

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Sara Germano referenced a Physical Activity Council survey saying nearly one out of every four Americans did not exercise at all in the past year.

Yes, according to the article 28 percent had not done any type of exercise, at all!

As I like to say on the radio program,” through adversity grows opportunity”. It sounds like it is time for the Middle Living/Superior Senior #demographics to lead a new mindset.

We need to teach, instruct, and lead by example in the area of fun, and activities that promote movement.

How will we do this?

By modeling the mindset and walking through the front door of the “ReFirement Zone!”

The number of completely sedentary Americans has risen by 18 percent since 2007.

Experts are concerned that decreasing minutes for gym classes in schools is a chief contributor to the rising level of inactivity among #adults.

Ever heard of ‘Tag’ or ‘Red-Rover’? ‘Athleisure’, really is a word; I looked it up and received 203,000 responses in .37 seconds.

It was the hottest trend in Los Angeles where a pair of $600 ‘track pants’ (I think we used to call them sweats), is normal, and pretending and looking like you’re active is now the cool trendy thing.

When the ‘athleisure’ clothing market has become synonymous with looking sporty, while not actually doing anything, it is time for all of our tribe to actually sweat in our new warm-ups and cool-looking sneakers.

Time to lead; how many of us remember playing touch #football in the street, Red Light, Green Light, or Hide and Seek?

Here are my thoughts:

  • Encourage fun outdoor activities

  • Engage yourself with your adult children and your grandchildren, doing something fun

  • Multigenerational activities are fun

  • Arts and crafts are fun

  • Teach the art of play and having fun

  • Encourage how much fun it is to partake

  • Do you get the message? Having fun is leading by example!

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