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Healthy Green Vegetables

A 45 days weight loss program that really works!

The Coach

Meet The Coach

I am easily approachable with a straightforward communication style. Clients find me to be non-judgmental accepting & warm. I had two goals in my mind when I joined this weight loss program; one is to have a healthy lifestyle and the other is to have self-confidence while expressing that lifestyle and I achieved them with my mentor. All in all, this program was exactly what I needed at a particular point in my life.

I want everyone to experience this, and mentoring is one of the ways to realize it. I enjoy having fun with my mentee. It is a very rewarding experience and knowing my mentee is looking forward to the next time we meet shows me that he is benefiting from our match.

Recipes & Tips

It's real food - protein & vegetables. It is so easy and you will start to feel the difference and see the results in the first few days.

  • No Shakes

  • No Starvation

Nutritional Diet

Nutrition Counseling

We provide a program for weight loss by following three simple steps to lose weight in a healthy manner. We have a nutritional diet plan which is not only a diet plan rather it's a lifestyle to keep you happy and healthy.


Join us on mobile! Download our Fleek App

The Fleek App lets you stay updated on the go. In order to connect a Mentee with a Mentor and keep a watch on your daily progress, this app is mandatory for Weight Loss Program users. 

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