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About Healthy Bag

Diet Preparation

What You Get

  • Customized Meal Plan (Both For Vegas & Non-Veg)

  • All Essential Supplements For Your Next 30 Days 

  • Nutritional Routine

  • Access to our private Facebook Recipe group

  • Access to our private member group where 300,000 + people following this program

  • Free mentoring for the next 30 days

About The Weight Loss Program

We provide you perfect meal plan and nutritional support. We recommend you three meals with two snacks that contain a healthy balance of all the nutrients needed for daily intake. We have a customized meal plan to keep you feeling fulfilling all day long.

The menu plans have been carefully designed by our Health Educators and nutritionist in our team.

How it works is you work on the adipose fat which is what surrounds your heart, waist, hips, and thighs. Losing this reshapes your body. 

We rest and repair the gut by mono-eating and the modified calorie intake is sustainable because we support your body with the best nutrition on the market. The core supplements will be responsible for supporting your gut and giving the body the nutritional support that is needed for a modified calorie per day program during the detox step.

About The Business

Our model is bold and our community is strong. Together we are creating an entirely new approach, where every single participant can make a positive impact, and define their unique level of success. We are a vibrant team of individuals dedicated to delivering quality experiences and shaping healthy lifestyles. Our passion aligns us, our belief drives us.

Our compensation model is built to support the behaviors, that define the experience, that creates value. Our primary focus is on attracting, retaining, and growing customers. We support that value proposition by providing a plan that rewards those entrepreneurs who have incredible abilities to attract customers and the drive to build strong sales organizations.​

What Is In The Plan

The compensation plan may appear complex, but it is all simplified by focusing on three natural behaviors:

  • Acquire Customers.

  • Become a Team Leader.

  • Develop Team Leaders.

Willie Harper Profile Image

American Football Player

I was so glad that I had the opportunity to find Liquid Biocell, it has done wonders for me. I feel better now at 64 than I did at 40.

Matthew Ryan Profile Image

Captain, 1996 US Olympic Handball Team

I feel great. My joints have never been more active and it is all attributed to the daily consumption of Liquid Biocell 

Dr. Grazer Profile Image

Plastic Surgeon, Newport Beach, California

My patients are increasingly embracing the "beauty from within" concept. By drinking Liquid Biocell Hyaluronic Acid increases in the body & helps reduce wrinkles.

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