Fleek App

How does Fleek App work?

Where to download Fleek App from?

Fleek App is available on Google Play Store & App Store. Its Free for Registered Users. Following are the links for downloading the app. // Andriod

// iPhone

What is my Fleek App Code?

Where I can find my Fleek App Code in the app?

Do I need to download Fleek App for business?

Why do I need to download the Fleek App?

How to recover my Fleek App password?

Member Registration

How to sign up for the Weight Loss program and what are the benefits of taking a Membership?

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Can I Sign Up without a PAN Card and Aadhar Card?

The KYC documents vary from country to country. In India, these two documents are considered as the necessary documents for any financial transactions and verification purposes. If you take only the Weight Loss program from us you need not to submit these documents. These documents are necessary for business purpose only.

What to do if I don't have a PAN Card?

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Do you charge for any Subscription or Member Registration?

No. Its absolutely free. You will be charged only for the Weight Loss program and the products you will purchase through us.

How Can I withdraw my Registration as a Member?

Yes, you can withdraw your member account registration if you are not satisfied with our services or not comfortable in doing business with us. You can write to us: ghumananu78@gmail.com or consult@healthybagonline.com

What are the possible reasons for any Member account being terminated?

We have set some Standard Terms of Use that you agreed at the time of Sign Up. In case we find that you are violating any of our standard terms your account will be suspended or terminated depending upon the severity of the issue.

How do you define an Elite Member? How to become an Elite Member?

Weight Loss Program

What is the difference between your Weight Loss program & other programs running in the market?

Can I take the program if I have medical conditions?

How can I get my diet chart?


Is FSSAI mandatory for taking or selling the program?

For Weight Loss Program user, there is no need of any certification. It is mandatory in case you want to sell food products in India. All the dietary products require Food License for any kind of sale in India.

Do you sell branded products?

Yes, We sell branded products from Modere.

How much commission can I expect from selling a program?

What is the cost of the Weight Loss program?

Do you have beauty products too?

Yes. You can log in to your account & check the complete range of products by Modere.

Are beauty and other products safe for use?

Where do I get promotional material from?

Are there any sales targets?

No. There are no sales targets. More you sell more you get. As it is a commission based business, you are paid only for what you sell. You are recognised based on the sales you do.

  • More Sales, Higher Rank.
  • No Sales, No Profits.

What is the type of the business?

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