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  • How to sign up for the Weight Loss program and what are the benefits of being a registered member?
    You can join us in the two following ways 1. As a Weight Loss Customer (No KYC Required). You need to sign up as a member & Book A Mentor for complete guidance. 2. As a Business Associate (KYC Required). You can Enroll yourself as a social marketer initially and you will be promoted based upon your performance. If you still have some doubts regarding any of the above you can Book An Info Session to get answers to your queries & doubts.
  • Can I Sign Up without a PAN Card and Aadhar Card?
    The KYC documents vary from country to country. In India, these two documents are considered as the necessary documents for any financial transactions and verification purposes. If you take only the Weight Loss program from us you need not submit these documents. These documents are necessary for business purposes only.
  • What to do if I don't have a PAN Card?
    You can apply for a fresh PAN Card online or you can use your family member's card in urgent (later you can edit your details). But make sure the rest of the details also belong to that person too, otherwise, there will be a verification conflict.
  • Do you charge for any Subscription or Member Registration?
    No. It's absolutely free. You will be charged only for the Weight Loss program and the products you will purchase through us.
  • How Can I withdraw my Registration as a Member?
    Yes, you can withdraw your member account registration if you are not satisfied with our services or not comfortable doing business with us. You can write to us: or
  • What are the possible reasons for any Member account being terminated?
    We have set some Standard Terms of Use that you agreed at the time of Sign Up. In case we find that you are violating any of our standard terms your account will be suspended or terminated depending upon the severity of the issue.
  • What is the difference between your Weight Loss program & other programs running in the market?
    Our Weight Loss program is different in the following aspects. We provide 1:1 mentoring Customized meal plans No shakes.
  • Can I take the program if I have medical conditions?
    Any person or member who is willing to take the Weight Loss program has to submit a "Health Declaration" form. You will be recommended the program based on your "Health Conditions" after a proper check-up & coordination with your doctor or physician. We request you to go through our "Policies & Terms of Use" before taking up the program.
  • How can I get my diet chart?
    You are provided with complete guidance from your Mentor. The diet chart & all the necessary guidelines you need to follow, you are given by your mentor only.
  • How can I get my bookings confirmed?
    As soon as you make a booking you are sent a confirmation mail through us. You can also check your confirmed booking in your account/profile under the section My Bookings provided you log in or sign up with the same mail id you used for booking earlier.
  • Where to find my bookings?
    Go to the My Bookings section in your profile you used to sign up/login for Healthy Bag.
  • How can I book for multiple sessions?
    Yes. You can book as many sessions as you want. We have two business info sessions in a week on Saturday (In English) & Sunday (Hindi). We have a Weight Loss Program Info Session every Wednesday.
  • Do I need to Sign up for an account for a booking?
    Not necessarily. But this feature has been added for your convenience. You can check your bookings under the My Bookings section. Also, you need to submit your details like name/email/phone number again & again. Once you sign up for an account, your details are auto-filled the next time you make a booking.
  • How does Fleek App work?
    This app is used to keep a regular check on the progress of the customer who has taken our Weight Loss program. A 6 digit code is generated that you can find under Settings to connect you to your mentor. A business member does not need to download this app.
  • Where to download Fleek App from?
    Fleek App is available on Google Play Store & App Store. Its Free for Registered Users. Following are the links for downloading the app. // Andriod // iPhone
  • Why do I need to download the Fleek App?
    In order to have a regular check on your progress, you are required to have the Fleek App on your mobile phone & your mentor connected to you.
  • Do I need to download Fleek App for business?
    No. This app is only for Weight Loss customers, to have a regular check on their progress.
  • What is my Fleek App Code?
    Go to Settings in the Fleek App & you can find a 6 digit code against the field My Code. This code is necessary to connect a mentee with a mentor.
  • Why do I need a Fleek App Code?
    This code is necessary to connect a mentee with a mentor.
  • How to recover my Fleek App password?
    In case you forget your password, press "Forget Password" at login. If it does not work you can write to us or send us a message. We shall surely help you to recover your password.
  • Is FSSAI mandatory for taking or selling the program?
    For Weight Loss Program users, there is no need for any certification. It is mandatory in case you want to sell food products in India. All the dietary products require a Food License for any kind of sale in India.
  • How to get FSSAI License?
    ** Before registration, make sure you have all the necessary documents ready with you mentioned here in for registration. You can do this in two very simple ways: Type FSSAI in the address bar of your browser or Google or Click on the following link Now, Find "Food Safety Compliance System" under the section "Online Platforms". You will be directed to a link outside the main website i.e Or You can directly click on the above link for registration (beyond this point whole procedure is the same) 1. Login/ Sign Up with your mobile number under the section "Food Business Operators" (FBO) (Don't forget to enter Captcha); or you can "Create an Account" adding the following details (Applicant Name/email/mobile number) 2. You will receive an OTP (Use it for Verification or logging in to your account). No OTP generated if you choose to sign up for an account in Step 1. 3. Find License/ Registration in the Menu Items & apply for a "New License/Registration". 4. Select your State in the dropdown menu. Click on Trade/ Retail (i.e 2nd menu item) & you will have a list of options to choose from; out of which for our business you need to register as Marketer (7th item in the list). Here you can select Turn Over as less than 12 lakhs/annum (i.e 3rd option). & Proceed. 6. Fill in all the basic details like Name, Phone No., Address, Email Id in the first form (Don't forget to save the details before moving on to the next step). Choose as "Individual" under Designation. No. of years you want to apply for is your own choice. The Food category to be chosen from dropdown for our business is Category 13 (i.e Foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses). Don't forget to press "Save & Add". Fill in other details like the nature of the water supply at your location of business. Save & Proceed. 7. Upload documents in this step. Here is a list of required documents; Self Attested Passport Size Photograph (only jpg/ jpeg/ png/ gif; don't get confused over pdf, it is not acceptable). Any of the following verification documents (jpg/jpeg/pdf accepted). PAN Card Driving License Aadhar Card (Recommended) Voter id Passport Ration Card Senior Citizen Card Department Id Freedom Fighter Id Card Passbook Arms License In the next section "Other Document (State Specific documents)"; you are asked to upload either of the following; 1. Proof of Premises (Recommended) 2. Health NOC 3. Any other document/ Self Declaration Form (ex. NOC from different departments such as CGWA,Local bodies etc.) 4. NOC by Municipality/ Panchayat ** Don't forget to add a self declaration form in addition to other documents. **In case the documents don't show they have been uploaded leave it for some time. Logout from your account & re-login. You can see there which documents have been uploaded successfully. 5. Proceed to Payments. You have two options to make payments; 1. Online payment (Credit/Debit/UPI) (Recommended) 2. Challan
  • Which Category do I belong to for FSSAI registration?
    Marketer A complete list of the categories & fee against those categories can be found here
  • Do you sell branded products?
    Yes, We sell branded products from Modere.
  • What is the type of the business?
    Sometimes people mix it with or think of it as a pyramid structural business, but it is purely a commission-based b2c business. Don't expect any salaries. You are paid only commission, but you have the advantage that you get all the promotional material for brand promotion in addition to the commission.
  • How much commission can I expect from selling a program?
  • What is the cost of the Weight Loss program?
    There is no fixed (yet a minimum) cost to the program. It depends upon the duration of the program & the products you buy. The more meals you take and bigger results you expect, more you need to pay.
  • Do you have beauty products too?
    Yes. You can log in to your account & check the complete range of products by Modere.
  • Are beauty and other products safe for use?
    Yes. Product guarantees are provided by the company Modere.
  • Where do I get promotional material from?
    You will be provided with all the guidance as well as promotional material for business from our side. You only need to bring sales & earn higher profits.
  • Are there any sales targets?
    No. There are no sales targets. The more you sell more you get. As it is a commission-based business, you are paid only for what you sell. You are recognized based on the sales you do. More Sales, Higher Rank. No Sales, No Profits.
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