Bringing together some of the brightest minds in the fields of science, medicine, and nutrition today, Modere is set out to develop the very best nutritional, personal care, and household products on the market. The result is a collection of expert, clean label formulations including those that combine scientific advancements found nowhere else.

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Every Modere product is mindfully formulated with thoroughly safety-checked components. In fact, some of our products have been recognized by highly respected independent third-party organizations. Plus, they are backed by science and have even won multiple patents and awards.

When you reach for a Modere clean label alternative, you may reduce your exposure to the worrisome chemicals and compounds that surround you every day. You begin to transform your home into a haven for your family's health. You make a choice to live clean.

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As highly respected thought leaders in their chosen fields, our multi-disciplined Modere Scientific Board members offer comprehensive insight into the latest nutrition science trends and holistic well-being. The board includes experts in Collagen/HA Matrix Technology as well as medical, orthopedic and cosmetic applications and veterinary medicine.

At Modere, we're on a mission to create 10 million healthy homes across the globe. From health & wellness to personal care, from beauty to household products, Modere daily essentials are expertly formulated to be as safe as they are effective, inside and out.

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