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Introduced in February 2020, the Healthy Bag website features the latest coverage, including activities at Modere by its members like blogs, interviews, product launches, etc. Video clips are also available on our YouTube Channel. Regular discussion programs include a Business Hour Session every Wednesday, Webinars, and Interviews.  Healthy Bag online is the version aimed at the online audience that is primarily focused on their health improvement and weight management.

In December 2020, The Healthy Bag Blog “Aging” was introduced to encourage members/ customers/ professionals/ readers to post articles or updates about their weight loss journey/ recipes/ other helpful tips, etc.


Stay Tuned for Latest News & Updates about Healthy Bag or Associates Events/ Webinars/ Launches/ Seminars.

Anu Ghuman For Healthy Bag

Asma Ishaq on being Nominated for the Enterprising Women of the Year 2022


Anu Ghuman for Healthy Bag

A skincare and wellness trailblazer, Ishaq isn’t defined by one achievement.


Anu Ghuman for Healthy Bag

Asma Ishaq has her say on this special achievement



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