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Get Enrolled In Business

Healthy Bag services & the Weight Loss Program are available to the residents of the various countries listed below. Also, the Enrollment form for the corresponding country is attached to the button. A single click on the button will take you to the registration link/form for that country. This is the beauty of our program that any person who is above the age of 18 Years can join our business.


If you are a citizen of a country that is not listed here, drop us a message. We will let you know about our launch or our presence as soon as we start a business in your country. Also, check the list under European countries if you belong to any of those.


The registration links for every corresponding country have been provided for your convenience. While registering for business in any of the countries listed below if you are asked for a reference or promo code e.g in Canada, use 246475 as a reference or promo code & press the Find Sponsor button.


Make sure you fill all the required fields in the form for registration. The information/documents submitted by the applicant will be treated in strict confidence. The registration form, incomplete in any aspect, will be rejected automatically.


If you are a registered member for business with us, then move on to this section. This section will help you place orders for Modere products. 

Disclaimer: All the entries made by you are purely at your own discretion. Healthy Bag can not be held responsible for any misspellings or any other mistakes at any stage.

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