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INTERNAL FRIENDSHIP: What is the Importance of Creating a Relationship with Reality?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Although comprehensive, therapeutic yoga systems are intensity physical, I was initially trained - and continue to discover - that they are 99 percent mental. That 99 percent contains endless topics for discussion, reflection, and realization. One of the topics on my mind lately has been friendship.

Throughout our adult lives, our most important relationship does not involve another human being. (Disclaimer: This does not mean that others are not important. Our children, parents, partners, and friends make up our communities, businesses, and homes, and treating all humans with the deepest #respect and love is part of yoga as well).

The most important and most lasting relationship occurs between our own two ears. Between you, on the one hand, and your mind, on the other. The mind can also be called "thoughts", or "the voice in your head".

What kind of relationship do you cultivate?

One way to assess the relationship is to look at the way that you choose to listen to or believe the thoughts that pass throughout the day - especially the thoughts you have about your body, your #health, and your healing capabilities. How many times have you heard the voice in your head say any of the following?

  • "You're not strong or thin or pretty enough."

  • "Put some make-up on, so you will look presentable."

  • "Better off going home and eating some ice cream."

  • "You're pretty much not good enough."

  • "You should be more like so-and-so."

For many years of my life, I chose to listen to and believe words like these. I had chosen to think they were true. Yoga changed that and continues to help me do so.

Negativity, doubt, and worry still try to creep in, but yoga helps me see them for what they are.

Would you choose a friend who says these sorts of things to you?

One of the central practices in #yoga is realizing that the thoughts we follow and the self-talk we listen to are truly a choice. Despite much pop-culture advice, yoga's solution to this is not to make up positive fluff to replace the negative.

Rather, it is to practice removing ourselves from the compulsive cycle of thought altogether, and being 100 percent, completely, and totally in the reality of the moment.

Mindful, consistent, and frequent practice of intense postures and deep breathing has been the most effective way for me to realize the nature of the internal #friendships I am carrying, and to transform those in a healing direction.

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