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How to Keep Your Skin Looking Great All Winter Long

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

It's that time of year again, leaves are falling and school is back in session. As we get deeper into this crisp season you may be noticing that as the air gets chillier and drier your #skincare needs are changing. If you continue using the products that work well in the summertime you'll find your skin will feel parched, tight, and uncomfortable. Don't fret! We are here in the nick of time with some preparation tips for the season!


It's time to use a cleanser that won't strip your skin. Avoid hot water when washing your face and skip the harsh cleansers which will make your skin dry and dull. We suggest putting away the body gels and using a #creamy hydrating wash.


The more you discover about your skin the more you'll realize exfoliation is a key component in keeping it beautifully healthy. As your skin becomes drier it will begin to look duller because of dead skin cell buildup which can cause a whole slew of issues. Treat yourself to a session of microdermabrasion. This process also increases cellular turnover and allows your other skincare products to penetrate more easily giving them the ability to work effectively. Some other great ways to exfoliate are using a weekly facial mask, chemical peels, and using a face wash with gentle exfoliating beads.


Yes, you still need to wear sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 every single day. For darker skin tines look for sunscreens that have micronized or nanosized zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to skip the chalk appearance some lotions leave behind. Find a hydrating sunscreen and apply it right after you've dried off after your shower or bath. This seals in your skin's moisture and will create a healthy glow.


We have talked about the external things you can do but I can not leave out the number one way to prepare your skin for the challenging seasons. Drinking plenty of water during the day will help in maintaining plump cells which will aid in retaining youthful skin.

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