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How to manage your week so that you don't miss another workout.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

"I don't have enough time to work out today. I'll do it tomorrow." Ever find yourself uttering these words? This seems to be the most common excuse for opting out when it comes to exercise or any physical activity.

When you try to tell yourself "I'll work out tomorrow", too often you will end up pushing tomorrow to the next tomorrow. Before you realize it, the week has passed without you engaging in #exercise or physical activity.

Well, I am here to tell you that there is enough time to work out! There are 168 hours in a week.

By breaking down the hours of the week into five categories you will be shocked to see how much time you actually do have.

The first category is eating, showering, and #traveling. There are 3 hours of the week dedicated to these events. Next is working: we can put 40 hours in this category.

I know this fluctuates but bear with me. Sleeping is the third category. You have 56 hours during the week set aside for sleep. Now to the final category: ENOUGH TIME. There are 37 hours of ENOUGH TIME in the week for you to engage in some sort of exercise or physical activity.

These numbers are obviously not exact, but give and take a few hours in each category and you still end up with plenty of time during the week to be healthy and better yourself.

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