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5 Secrets Revealed For Getting and Staying Fit

Want to be successful in getting and staying in shape? Here are the top 5 secrets revealed to stay fit & experience a healthy lifestyle.


You must have a map with destination points. Instead of just saying you want to “lose weight”, it’s much more effective to be specific. Such as, “I want to drop two sizes in two months”. Write this goal down so you can see it every day then visualize this new you. You must also have a solid, real, deep reason for why this goal is important to you.


The scale cannot measure how fit you truly are, how much muscle you carry, and how beautiful you are inside or out. A healthier and more successful way to measure progress would be how many servings of vegetables you had today; how you feel in your clothes; how many times you exercised this week; were you a role model for your kids when you ate out last night.


It is rare that you can be fit and eat poorly; never exercise and be healthy; only get a few hours of sleep per night yet expect to have energy the next day. You must examine all areas of your life and upgrade your choices in order to have success. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Purge your pantry to make it easier to cook healthy meals.


Muscle burns tons of calories both during exercise and at rest. Muscle gives you attractive curves and helps you have good posture. Muscle helps keep your blood sugar stable which in turn can help you avoid diseases like diabetes. Muscle provides the tension that strengthens your bones. You must lift weight relatively heavy for your ability in order to challenge your body to change. If you can do more than 12 reps, it’s too light and will do little good.


Rather than randomly joining the nearest or cheapest gym, do some research and find a place that fits your personality and has the environment you are looking for. Price is less important than getting a good fit. In no more time, you will feel at home, create a new comfort zone and actually look forward to training. You will get the best results at facilities that offer a physical assessment and customized fitness solution as part of their memberships.

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