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Personal Growth: Explore the capabilities our modern world is offering

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

We are in the third decade of the 21st century, I believe that there is a mindset that can lift all boats, chase away fear, and assist all people in our journey of life. I am referring to "staying relevant".

Opportunities for #growth are in abundant supply. The internet has broken down many barriers to entry, for all. Are we going to choose to embrace the plethora of prospects that our culture has available, becoming #creative in our future, or not? Are we going to appreciate what the future holds or stand to pat?

Staying relevant in today's hyperconnected world is a choice; tomorrow brings big decisions. I, for one, do believe that complacency, resting on good enough, is a recipe for apathy. And you know what, apathy is the opposite of happiness, not unhappiness.

Staying relevant lifts all boats!

Don't dwell on the past failures, leverage them. Allow setbacks to become the catalyst that fuels your personal rocket to the future. Resolve to solve issues, utilize the tools that we all have at our disposal. Quality of life is directly proportional to being engaged, involved, connected, and passionate about whatever you choose. Participate in the flow that is humanity; work it and at it. Every day holds a bountiful purpose. That is, as long as we stay relevant.

Not sure about how to do something? I guarantee that a conversation with a #younger person, showing personal vulnerability can work wonders. I know because I have done this many times. Allow yourself to explore the capabilities our modern world is offering. Longevity, #health, literacy, free expression, knowledge, recreation, social affiliations, play, enjoyment of the #outdoors, enjoyment of the young are just a few examples of creating relevance in your life, and that, my friends, is awesome.

Let these assist you:

  • Be Creative

  • Be Sincere

  • Be Aware

  • Be Intentional

  • Be Synergistic

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