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SUMMER FITNESS: It is easier to generate motivation with smaller goals.

I’m a YouTube junkie. I’ll lose myself for hours, clicking on different videos. YouTube, of course, allows users to upload videos of anything and I mean anything – for public consumption. You can find how-to-videos (for example, how to build a shed), walkthroughs for the latest video games, the latest music videos, and more.

My favorite videos are those with movie clips, or coaches, set to music. If I’m looking for a pick-me-up, or just need to get the blood pumping and creative juices flowing, I start clicking on motivational clips. My favorite: 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 minutes. Search for that on YouTube. It features clips from Spartacus, Goonies, Hoosiers, and even Peter Pan. It’s awesome.

Everyone needs motivation, especially when trying to achieve a long-term goal. I worked toward a weight loss goal this past winter, and I know what it means to stick to the plan. You have to have daily motivation to keep on track. My overriding motivation was to get ready for a September trip to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest with my brothers and dad. I have to be able to fit into the lederhosen.

Sometimes the motivation is just to get out of bed and accomplish a daily goal. Both of my kids play sports and they have specific goals each day to get outside and get some work done. I’m not worried about their motivation; they eventually get out there and get the work in. I need the motivation to keep my sanity as I make sure they do the work before the sun goes down. Dealing with teenage girls is not easy!

Here are some tips to consider when setting a goal and motivation:

How bad do you want it? If you’re only going to put forth half an effort to achieve a goal, staying motivated will be exceptionally hard. You get out what you put in. Set achievable goals and you’ll have a better chance of staying motivated.

Visualize it: Picture yourself after achieving your goal. Seeing your success may be just the push to get moving.

Have a plan: It is easier to generate motivation when you establish smaller goals on the path to a larger one. Instead of wanting to lose 50 pounds, break it up into smaller parts. Also, be specific. Lose those 50 pounds by walking or running a "couple miles" a day and keeping a food journal as you eat fewer calories.

Reward yourself: Sometimes chasing a goal is better than reaching the goal. I’m a big believer in rewards – rewards always work for my kids and my pets. I’m amazed at my kids’ motivation when there’s a reward in it for them. It works for you too, I bet.

That reward should be as unique as the goal. My reward is a sick-fitting pair of lederhosen. They’re more comfortable than you might think. I may even post a video on YouTube of my style.

Stay motivated this summer. Drop us a line and let us know how you’re doing!

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