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The Pillars of Living Well- How Your Pillars can Positively Mold Your Life.

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

In my new keynote speech, I close the event with a model I call the Four Pillars. It is designed to help people find a path for often elusive happiness. The Four Pillars has helped me to define my path to true happiness. This decision and model have led to finding meaning in my life. Through meaning and the pillars model, happiness will invariably follow!

My four pillars are purpose, passion, faith, and #optimism. All of these rest on the strong foundation of trust.

We are all designed for greatness. It lives in every one of us. Life is not easy, #happiness is elusive, and finding direction can be #challenging. My four pillars work for me.

Purpose puts you on a journey and stretches your boundaries, working through limiting beliefs, and taking risks. Passion is a driver to maintain the journey, it involves discipline and intrinsic motivation. Faith is all about not allowing limiting #beliefs to take root, enabling beliefs to build efficacy. Optimism is the high-octane fuel that keeps the motor running. Trust, the foundation, builds strength, fortitude, and confidence. Trust is the bedrock.

Having stability between these pillars can lead to a balanced life. Connecting and sustaining all the joy and meaning that is out there for everyone to experience is the way.

Your #FourPillars will be different than mine and this is the beauty of the model: it is flexible. Making good choices and stretching your comfort zone enables incremental change. Incremental change leads to sustainable behavior modification. Face #fear, embrace challenges, take on something new and develop a meaningful life. By working together, we create a world that #empowers all to look up and have bountiful optimism.

Think about these:

Built on trust, your pillars can positively mold your life.

The Final Words

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away - Pablo Picasso



Tom Matt is the host of the "Tom Matt Show", a radio talk show syndicated in Michigan in the Michigan Talk Network. He can be heard locally Saturday mornings on the "Big Talker" WJIM 1240 AM.

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