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How to Deal with Uncomfortable Family Situations

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

What is it about the holidays that we love? The food, the #gifts, the children, the company, our friends, our relatives...well...they are our relatives, we have to be with them on the #holidays.

My son-in-law is like a ghost. We can all see him, it's not like that, but every time he walks into my kitchen the cupboard doors and drawers seem to fly open and they don't shut when he walks out. I love him, don't get me wrong, but he knows this drives me crazy.

I have thought about removing all of the doors before he gets here, but then, that would be a lot of extra work.

So, I have to tell myself:

  • Thank God I don't live with him.

  • I know he's doing this just to mess with me, but I know he does this at his house too, so he's not always trying to mess with me

  • He's only here for a few days

  • There are many good things about him

  • Let it go...

The best way for us to deal with people that irritate us, whether at work or in social/family situations, is self-talk. And keeping a sense of humor about the situation is helpful. If you know that a person or people are going to be in these situations with you, get your self-talk prepared before the #event.

It also helps to plan ahead like keeping yourself busy so that you don't need to be around them. Help out in the kitchen, take the kids outside, or suggest some kind of #game to play.

If the person irritates you during game time, have a different game prepared that you might be able to play with a different set of people.

If someone else is getting irritated what can you say to them to help diffuse the situation?

  • Don't take it personally

  • That's just the way he/she is

  • Change the subject if that is part of the problem

  • Suggest some #activity that you and one of them can do to get away.

Often there is drinking involved with holiday parties. Remember you can maintain better control of your thoughts and actions if you aren't impaired. Take it easy on the liquor.

But most importantly, enjoy your holidays and be safe.

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