Welcome to Healthy Bag! This is the official podcast of Healthy Bag .We talk all things related with our Weight Loss Program and the products we have in different categories like beauty & skincare with the top industry experts and authorities. As this website is a health related program, we can't let you sit in front of the screen either mobile or laptop all day. So we have brought this concept of podcasts for you in order to listen to long interviews as well as webinars on your mobile through apps like podcasts for apple, Spotify for android etc. We are working continuously towards the improvement of the customer experience. Now you can enjoy our fruitful discussion while working in the kitchen, jogging, walking or any extra curricular activities that are equally important as our expert's advice.

You can download our podcasts to listen to them anytime. Also you can enjoy the videos on our YouTube channel. This concept has been brought for larger presentations. Stay Connected, Stay Healthy! Keep enjoying our services. Our hosts are Anu Ghuman, Tina Sansanwal, and Vijaya.