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BE SUPER SUCCESSFUL: Transitioning into your next phase of life is important

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

We Boomers have this dilemma: work hard your whole life and then what do we do? Go relax, is conditioning that was sold to our parents (I like to call them the Superior-Seniors). This is not going to work for Middle – Living Boomers.

Think about this: not giving up is a precursor to winning. Looking into the next 30,40, maybe even 50 years with renewed power and energy is the goal. Having a renewed sense of purpose, believing anything you ever thought possible is achievable.

Why then do we sometimes marginalize, disregard and disrespect our own experiences with past generations – the conditioning sold to mom and dad.

Retirement was the golden ticket. Their belief was, how could 30 years of experience be of value to anyone? I’m old. Today the statement is how to best utilize your talents, and share them because I add value!

Cognitive dissonance is created by inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes leading to this harmful feedback loop I call the Negative Energy Tornado; it also fuels limiting beliefs.

Wasting valuable experiences and human capital is simply that, a waste! I for one am done with that kind of thinking, I believe in positive transition and the ReFirement Zone. Let’s develop a positive external image and attract new and exciting people into our lives!

Self-improvement and positive expectations can begin at any time and at any age. Transition can be enhanced by accepting these beliefs:

  • Overcoming setbacks builds toughness, character, experience, empathy, confidence

  • Associate with winners

  • Stay socially connected

  • Work on your bucket list

  • Never complain about how life is not fair

  • Admitting insecurities and #anxiety is a strength

  • Not trying something new guarantees failure

  • Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t

  • Vulnerability is normal I welcome your comments.

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