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MALLEABILITY OF GROWING OLDER: A positive attitude and support can get you anywhere

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Science and research continue to deliver new evidence that is very encouraging about potentials for growing older, That if we keep a positive attitude, our level of activity and probable accomplishments are wide open. Call it the "Malleability of Growing Older" or the "Subjective Process of Picking Up our Game." Either way ride on gang!

When Diana Nyad completed her 53 hour Cuba to America swim at the age of 64 it was with a team of 35. Teammates and trainers make a difference. Group activities hold us accountable to others and reinforce our subjective, malleable qualities. Good trainers can keep us focussed, #healthy, and show us the way to the new you!

Diana Nyad wanted the "thrill of commitment." She stated "Cuba, because the dream had been there before. I thought, boy, that's a dream I could rekindle."

I have a new term for audacious goals, "Amazing-Endeavors." This fits what science is telling us about the growing older process, how we feel about growing older matters a lot!

Life is like a #cookbook where turning the page is a chance for redemption. New recipes and ingredients fuel our potentials. Examples to include are a new gym membership, where classes and friends are waiting.

Learning from expert trainers increases potential behavior modification, success, and increased quality of life. Swimming 103 miles, in shark-infested water, was not done alone. Nyad knew that her 64-year-old age was a challenge, it was her team that made the difference. You can reach your "Amazing Endeavor" with #coaching, and your new cookbook recipe and ingredients of sorts.

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