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AUTUMN SKINCARE: What you can do to heal your skin for fall’s beauty and beyond

Fall is finally here! Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes, football, cozy sweaters and boots, and all the cool air comfort foods we’ve been missing all summer. The air is crisp and has a distinctive fragrance only found in the magnificent, colorful Michigan #autumn indeed, fall is not without its charms but what about you? Is your skin dry, spotted, and aged like the falling leaves? Is summer clinging to your appearance? If so, it’s time to undo the summer damage.

Brown spots, unlike selfies on the beach, are not a cute memory of months past. Studies show that irregular pigment prematurely ages the skin as much or more than the wrinkles themselves. Also, the brown spots may be atypical. Schedule a body exam to be sure new and existing spots are benign. Once you are screened and you know these are okay, we can look into photo rejuvenation like IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to target and destroy the pigmentation. Chemical peels can also be a safe and effective post-summer clean-up treatment. Both are aimed to clear and smooth the complexion. Be sure to use a hydroquinone bleaching cream like the Doctor’s Approach lightning fade cream or Active C’s Mela-D cream with kojic acid to treat at home. Don’t forget sunscreen daily to prevent further darkening of any spots.

Right now is a great time to start the laser treatments that are best performed when you’re not exposed to the sun. Laser resurfacing for lines and #wrinkles, laser hair removal, and IPL for pigmentation and spider veins are all more safely performed when the skin hasn’t received sun exposure for about four weeks. Another bonus for starting laser treatments now would be having plenty of time for healing and getting that great result before the busy holiday season.

Throughout summer we are likely trying to combat excess oil production and shine caused by #humidity. Re-think your product routine in the fall. With dryer months moving in, consider swapping out drying ingredients like salicylic acid to a gentle creamy or exfoliating cleanser.

Add a moisturizer with essential oils like our skin-nurturing cream for extra #hydration. The same thing goes with hair care products. Some of us struggle to achieve volume in the summer and we don’t need any extra moisture, but usually, all of us need to hydrate our locks in the cooler months.

With a little TLC, you can un-do summer damage to keep your skin and hair healthy and youthful for years to come. Harvest a custom take-home care routine and you will FALL in love with your skin all over!

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