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5 Easy & Healthy Kitchen Hacks to Get On A Routine.

If you look at most dieters, they try to become slim by willpower. As a result, more often than not, they try to deprive themselves of every single thing. The problem with this method of becoming slim is that it's a 24/7 sort of job.

Your list of things you "can't have" becomes longer than the list of things you "can" and deprivation starts to sink in. The next thing you know, you're binge eating, which we all know wreaks havoc on the mind, body, and metabolism. The good news is that there are ways for dieters to avoid falling into this common trap.

Start by changing your mindset: The key to all health and wellness journeys starts in the head.

So, take the focus away from that list of bad foods and emphasize those that are good for you.

By doing so, you will help retain your mind so you don't always feel deprived like you're missing out on something. Also, remember the 80/20 rule.

If 80 percent of the time you eat a wholesome diet of ample fruits and vegetables, some whole grains, lean meats, or other sources of protein, then the other 20 percent doesn't really matter. So, enjoy that glazed #doughnut - but just one. And, if you want another, it will still be there tomorrow.

Next, assess the environments you're in, especially those at home, like your kitchen. Most people are unaware of their decisions and it's very easy to let themselves be influenced by the things around them, like having candy readily available, or the size of the bowl they're using, for example.

The last thing you want to do is surround yourself with items that are going to derail you on your health and wellness journey. So, if you haven't yet and need to clean out your kitchen, here are some easy hacks to follow.


We all have that one (or maybe more) drawer with all the random Tupperware lids, or mix-matched plates and utensils. Not being able to find or easily access things when you need them often causes stress, which in return can result in overeating. So, if chaotic describes your kitchen, it is time to break out the cleaning gloves and trash bin.


When getting organized, it's important to think about what you're getting rid of and what you're keeping. Research shows that smaller #dishware can help decrease over-eating when accompanied by knowing the right portion sizes of your meals. So, as you're cleaning consider getting rid of or storing those family-size plates and bowls.


Making healthy choices starts with what you buy when you're at the grocery store. If you're just kicking off your #wellness journey and need some help identifying better-for-you options when shopping, bring a friend to help keep you on track. You can even keep a shopping journal with #nutrition facts and ingredients to keep you accountable.


Over-indulging in snackable foods is one of the easiest ways to accidentally sideline your health and wellness journey. Get rid of or keep any unhealthy snacks out of sight and instead place healthy foods front and center making them convenient to grab. Also, eliminate binges by packing individual portions as soon as you bring those favorite snack foods home from the grocery #store.


Days can be hectic making it difficult to prioritize a healthy meal. But if you have an extra 30 minutes on your day off or are free on the weekends, it's possible to grocery shop and prep a week's worth of healthy meals (and save yourself from stressful evenings later).



After graduating from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Poly Science and a Master in Exercise and Wellness, Felicia began to pursue a career as a fitness competitor. She went on to complete in the United States and internationally at the Pro level for 8 years before retiring. She would finish her career with 5 Pro Wins, 3 top 4 finishes at the Figure International, and a top 5 finish at the Figure Olympia. As a result of her success, Felicia later launched her own competitive fitness show, The Felicia Romero Classic, which is an NPC national qualifier that takes place every November. Today, Felicia is an esteemed health and wellness advocate and entrepreneur, owning her own gym, FR Fit Method, and online nutrition and fitness training business. For more information about Felicia Romero, visit or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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