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Why Healthy Lifestyle Seems to be a Challenge?

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Want to know the secret to a healthy lifestyle? Make the right decision.

That's it. It's that easy, really. We can print a 300-page magazine featuring tips, tricks & secrets from the stars about ways to look and feel better, but my bet is that if you're reading this, you probably know them all.

Let me show you what I mean.

It doesn't look tough when you're sitting there reading it, but it is. It's easy to get caught up at barbecues, work events, or other life occasions where great-tasting food is featured. But once you get the hang of the basic concept of eating less, eating smartly, and moving as much as you can during the day, it gets easier.

Sure, there are grey areas. But to feel better you must make smart choices. Eventually, you can get to the point (and it's actually quite fun) where calories and nutrients can make a difference, but for the basic idea of feeling better, it's really common sense.

Let me show you a few more choices that I've figured out.

  • Eating grilled chicken? Yes.

  • Eating a plate of fries? No. Eating onion rings? No.

  • #Chips? Unfortunately, no.

  • Pop or other sweetened drinks? Not necessarily? Water? Yes.

I'm currently down 60 pounds from this time last year, and I feel great. I golf in a league and the first question I heard when I got off the course was about how I lost so much weight. No one even cared about the score I shot. (Thankfully. April golf is not kind to me. I shot a 50 on nine holes).

My diet has changed incredibly over the past six months, as well as my relationship with food and exercise. The best way to describe the way I've learned to eat is the 80/20 rule. I eat as smartly as I can, 80 percent or better, most of the time. I allow for some poor choices because life does happen. To pass up a piece of birthday cake is a sin, isn't it? Or to not have a beer with a long-lost friend? You just can't eat the whole cake or finish that six-pack.

  • Mozzarella sticks? No. Chicken Wings? No.

  • Turkey? Yes! Buffalo? It's so good. Yes!

  • Tacos? Maybe a couple. One-pound burritos? No.

Here's the last part of what I've learned. It took a long time to get to the point where I was feeling unhealthy enough to make smart choices, so don't expect miracles overnight. It doesn't work that way. I read articles about movie stars that shred weight in a remarkable amount of time to look good for roles. I don't believe it. Or if they pull it off somehow, it won't last. I believe in the 80/20 rule for a lifetime. Not a quick fix.

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