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How to Make a Quality Net Gain In Your Day

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

One thing I have learned as a "Middle Living" adult is we overcomplicate things way too much. Plenty of blame can be laid on our technologically heavy world, however, we decide when we want to blossom and wilt.

I don't use the terms "fitness and exercise" much anymore. It is not that I don't appreciate the words, it is just that we have become inundated with different types, styles, modalities, and systems.

I now stress the phrase "activities that promote a movement that is fun". If you like doing something and it does not involve sitting, then do more of it.

It is that simple. For example - I like to use the morning for any movement, light biking, stretching, and weight training, either with light dumbbells or body weight.

Adding even a small amount of movement in the morning can really change your perception and make a quality net gain in your day. Waking up earlier in the morning to give to yourself may be just what you need, to see your quality of life improve dramatically!

Try varying your intensity during your activities; intervals aren't just for cardio exercises. Hardly! Tempo and energy level can change your overall self-recreation.

If you like to mow grass as I do, change your pace every minute or lap around the yard. You gardeners, add a couple of squats to your fun in the dirt. Being outdoors is awesome! Self-improvement is always an incremental affair of the heart and the brain, so just have fun and move more, choose one, do one!

  • Become consistent

  • Write down your desires

  • Play with children

  • Take a dance class

  • Learn to play an instrument

  • Keep it simple

  • Work out in the morning

  • Increase your intensity!

Make The Most of Yourself ... That is All There is of You


Tom Matt is the host of the "Boomers Rock" radio talk show. He is a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition, senior fitness, and weight loss specialist from the National Academy of Sports Management. He has authored three books including his latest "Attracting Abundance". For more information please visit his website

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