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GENERATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Here’s your chance to make a positive change

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

In the book Sacred Hoops, Phil Jackson writes,” creating a successful team…is essentially a spiritual act. It requires the individuals involved to surrender their self-interest for the greater good so the whole adds up to more than the sum of its parts”. I am learning, through the blessing of interviewing very smart people on the radio talk show, that the most successful people are always the most reflective and giving.

That becoming a self-reflective person requires an individual to surrender the ‘I’ mentality and live the ‘We’ lifestyle. Self-reflection leads to self-improvement and incremental change.

I love this and want to become better at this!

To make a positive change in others’ lives I must focus on the community, the younger generations and communicate that desire by sharing my own positivity toward life. There is no other way!

My great friend Dr. Debbie Heiser, a psychologist from New York and regular on the radio program calls it ‘Generativity’, where the mindset becomes guiding the next generation toward self-improvement through #optimism and experience sharing. I can begin each day with the thought of providing better service, outlooks, happiness, vision, and leading by example. In essence, make a difference in others' lives so they can pull from my positive energy and share it with others.

When the positive energy is abundant, optimism is boundless. I am smiling and #cheerful and my eyes are alive with the juice of life, the potential for Generativity is unlimited. Using my experience as a Middle Living adult is all about teaching and leading, sharing the experiences that I have lived through so others can have a better life.

We all can improve the world by:

  • #Mentoring and coaching

  • Opening ourselves to new ideas

  • #Connecting and networking

  • Focusing on giving back

  • Realizing that we all can add value to the world if we try!

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