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Establish The Habit and It Becomes Second Nature

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

When you decide to meditate daily, you should know you must make it a habit - meditation had to be something you automatically do without a second thought. To make it automatic, you determine the logistics of daily meditation upfront: when, where, how, and how long. After meditating as planned for a few weeks, it became second nature.


Meditation involves sitting quietly in a relaxed state, noticing the breath, and returning attention to the #breath when thoughts arise.

Anyone can do it," said Dave Warner minister and Raja Yoga teacher from the Ananda Meditation Retreat in Northern California." Basic #meditation technique comes naturally and gets easier with practice. Be consistent. Habits are one of the most powerful forces in life, "Warner, a meditation practitioner for 40 years, has observed what happens when people practice meditation regularly. "It's like before and after photos," said Warner."Before; problems, issues, and emotional upheaval. After: inner #freedom and peace."


Meditation takes time and energy, but the results are well worth it. "Most people spend their life force and creativity trying to find happiness through body, mind, and power - they are investing in meditation, we work on our inner life and it offers returns: healthy relationships, #contentment, and joy. We're not a victim to circumstances in life; we can be happy no matter what is happening."


  • Reduced tension and #stress

  • Improved focus, concentration, and clarity

  • Reduced #bloodpressure

  • Decreased risk of heart diseases and heart attack

  • Decreased #anxiety

  • Reduced chronic pain

  • Improved sleep


For many, finding the time to meditate every day is a challenge. Warner believes that even 5-10 minutes of daily meditation is beneficial, and at least 10 minutes of meditation in the morning and evening is recommended. It's easier to make the time than find the time. options include getting up earlier in the morning, using a portion of a lunch hour, or cutting black on screen time.


There is a "short form" of meditation that's useful for everyone, including those not quite ready to start a regular meditation practice.

The short form is a way to step back from whatever is going on in order to relax and gain perspective. What's more, it offers many of the same physiological benefits of regular meditation practice such as reduced tension and stress; and improved health, vitality, and mental clarity.

Here's how:

  • Sit in a chair in an upright yet relaxed posture with feet flat on the floor (you may need to prop your feet on a pillow or footrest)

  • Close your eyes and get comfortable

  • Take three deep, relaxing breaths

  • Take two more deep, relaxing breaths

  • Relax

  • Repeat periodically throughout the day to help move from "on the edge" to "center"


Before you began meditating, you can take a group class. Although a class isn't required, you will find it very helpful, especially in terms of technique, resources, and #motivation.


Sit on the ground in a comfortable position with a firm cushion to help you sit upright, or sit on a chair toward the edge.


Keep your back straight yet relaxed, chest raised, head erect, eyes closed and hands resting comfortably on thighs with palms upturned.

Just Be:

Sit still. At first, try staying completely still for five minutes, gradually lengthening the time as desired. Be silent and #relaxed, yet aware.

Focus on the breath:

Inhale and exhale normally, noticing how the breath and belly feel. After each, inhale and exhale, count silently, starting with one. When you reach 10, repeat.


Notice your thoughts and let them go without judgment. Gently return your attention to the breath.


Meditate as long as enjoyable so that you'll leave each meditation feeling good and #enthusiastic about the next session.

I've found meditation to be grounding and supportive. It reminds me of what's important in life and helps me put my best foot forward every day.

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