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Quick Breakfast Ideas For Kids: Make life easier in the morning with these tips!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but also the one that’s most often skipped. The hustle and bustle of chaotic mornings during the school year means trying to get kids dressed and ready for school, pack lunches, catch the bus and get yourself to work on time – all things that make breakfast an easy meal to miss.

Sending your kid off to school with a full belly is important because it provides them with the energy they need to concentrate in the classroom and prevents that mid-morning slump. Children who eat #breakfast perform much better in their schoolwork and have more energy throughout the day for physical activities. Eating breakfast consistently even helps children maintain a healthy weight.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be another morning done. It can be a quick and easy step to integrate into your morning routine.

Skip the usual sugary cereal and give kids healthier choices with options that are probably already in your kitchen. Focus on providing kids a balanced breakfast that contains protein, nutrients, healthy fats, and #carbohydrates. A balanced breakfast keeps kids fuller longer.

Here are 5 quick and easy breakfast ideas to get the day off to a healthy and tasty start:


Swap a high fat, high-calorie egg, bacon, and cheese #sandwich for a much healthier fruit counterpart. Slice a banana right down the middle, in half. Spread peanut butter or almond butter on both halves of the banana for added protein. Squeeze half a tablespoon of honey onto each banana slice. Sprinkle nuts of your choice, raisins, or trail mix on top of the honey for a good source of #fiber.


Popsicles for breakfast, just think how easy that will be to sell to your kids! Mix low-fat yogurt of your choice (Use Greek #yogurt for an extra boost of protein, to stay full longer) into a bowl with your favorite fruit. Pour mix into a Popsicle container and place in the freezer overnight. In the morning you’ll have nutritious breakfast kids will love and can even enjoy on the go!


Begin by placing yogurt in a blender and adding a generous helping of your favorite fruit, or multiple fruits for added flavor. Add in one cup of ice and blend. Add extra ice as preferred. It’s a quick morning favorite your kids will love.


Pretty layers of yogurt, #granola, and fruit in a bowl or cup will make your kids think they’re eating #dessert, not breakfast. A parfait gives kids the calcium and energy boost they need to start the school day. Like many of these recipes, it’s also easily portable for a child to take to school in a hurry.


First popsicles, now pizza? Kid-friendly names often make new recipes more appealing to young, picky eaters. Skip the fast-food version and make a healthy breakfast muffin in minutes. Hard boil eggs the night before to shave off prep time in the morning. Toast a whole-grain English muffin, drizzle with olive oil and top each side with tomato and hard-boiled egg slices, followed by a sprinkle of mozzarella #cheese. This fun breakfast gives kids the carbohydrates and protein they need to get through the day.

And remember mom and dad while making these tasty breakfasts dishes for the kids. Not only do parents serve as role models for their kids when it comes to eating, but we also benefit greatly by starting our day off with a healthy breakfast too.



Cindy Bjorkquist is director of Health and Wellness Programs at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. For more information and tips to improve your family’s health, visit


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