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Quit Looking Back: How to Improve Your Odds

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Mortality can be linked to every person and, frankly, everything that moves. Your life expectancy, or the "life" of a new car or set of tires, is the unknown x-factor. Longevity (think the length of existence or service) is crystal ball material.

I live my life with the mantra of giving myself better odds: it is my rule of thumb. Everything has a beginning, middle, and end. It is on us to determine the length of time for each.

If you want your car to last longer: change the oil frequently and do the preventive maintenance on schedule. If you want to live longer: eat better food, move more, and keep a positive attitude. Nothing is guaranteed, but you certainly improve your odds.

Anyone who has listened to my radio program has probably heard me use the term "middle living". I came up with this when I got sick of hearing about the dreaded midlife crisis which is some obscure time in life when you can expect to make bad decisions while thinking about your mortality.

Here is my longevity table:

  • Youth, adolescence: birth to 19

  • Young adulthood: 29 to 39

  • Middle Living: 40 to 85

  • Superior Seniors: 86+

To increase your odds and avoid the downward spiral of looking backward (midlife crisis), please look forward!

Here is my new model, which I am calling "I-Cubed"

  • Impact: Will I make an impact in the world?

  • Influence: What can I become a change agent for?

  • Inspiration: Who can I inspire to change in a positive way?

Thinking with this simple concept of I-Cubed our odds increase, our mortality index is lengthened strengthened and quality of life is improved.

Try these:

  • Leave the world in a better place, make an impact.

  • Earn it, share it, influence it

  • Optimism breeds inspiration, period

  • Live long, love longer, be happier!

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