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SPARK YOUR LIFE: Get Your Kids and Grandkids Involved

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Growing older can put us in a space of checking out. Like a water-logged piece of kindling, "Igniting our lives" can be challenging. We sometimes lose sight of the meaning in our lives; the daily routine can sap energy, building stress. We forget that it is a privilege to play, that it is a blessing to work; it is a joy to help others, especially our younger generations.

It is important to find the little things that can be the spark, the catalyst. Maybe step back to a time when play was #outdoors, engaging, and meaningful. Think of simpler things that encourage movement and reconnect to a toy that was just simple and 'fun'!

Remember 'Wham-O'?

Remember some of those? The iconic catalysts of play, testaments to days gone past?

Wham-O was founded in 1948 and has seen great times and not so great, similar to many people in our generation.

Their example of grit and recreation is a great example for us to model after. Recently I reached out to the CEO of 'Wham-O', Todd Richards to pitch an #interview on the radio program.

It did not take long to confirm their desire to share the love of our iconic toys from the past, and how WE ALL can benefit from outdoor simple play in the future.

Olyvia Pronin, their Director of Marketing sees the potential; she assisted in my outreach to Todd. Wham-O and their core lines are ageless, evergreen, and needed.

Our children - heck our grandchildren - need us to show them how much fun a #Frisbee can be!

The best way to shake off checking out is to check back in. Let's move away from talking about the past to getting re-engaged and build a future of play and old-school cool! Teach a kid to throw a Frisbee, and never worry about being bored. Back to the future, heck yeah! Try these-

  • Play Catch

  • Throw a Frisbee

  • Ride a bike

  • Bounce a Super Ball

  • Shoot hoops

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