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7 Reasons Why The Scale Won’t Budge

If losing weight or fat, was easy then we would all have the bodies we want and we would all look like fitness models, right? Unfortunately, the game of losing weight is far more frustrating and disappointing than we all would like to admit. If no matter what you do, the number on your scale won’t budge, then read on for an explanation.

Reason #1


Refined processed carbs, or “simple carbs,” are the major cause of weight gain and will promote fat storage quicker than you can say the alphabet backward. The problem with carbs is that they are digested as sugar. So cut out refined processed carbs and go complex carbs — don’t forget the proper balance of carbs, proteins, fats in your diet.

Reason #2


If you are severely restricting your calories then you are actually putting your body into starvation mode. Everyone needs a minimum amount of calories for basic, proper body functions. This is called your base number of calories. You should never go below this number. Check with your primary care physician or nutritionist to find out what your calorie intake should be.

Reason #3


Eat snacks that contain more protein than carbs, and some fat. This will help slow down the spike in insulin, and it will help to stabilize your blood sugar levels while also keeping hunger at bay longer.

Reason #4


Don’t get me wrong, doing cardio is good for the heart but doing too much, doing hours of steady-state cardio, is going to end up working against your fat loss. All that cardio releases stress hormones in your body, which works against your weight loss. See your fitness trainer find the correct amount of cardio for you.

Reason #5


Your body resets itself when you sleep. But if you’re not getting enough sleep it will have an impact on your hormone levels and can cause weight gain or decrease weight loss. The proper amount of sleep is important to losing weight and for the body to function properly.

Reason #6


Most diet foods are processed with added chemicals and artificial sweeteners that confuse your hormones and promote food cravings and fat storage. The best diet strategy when working towards a fitness goal, or better health, is to eat real, fresh, and whole foods. Stay away from processed foods – they are your enemy.

Reason #7


The killer enemy in our lives is stress. Sure, life can be crazy, overwhelming, and stressful, but you should know that mismanaged stress will have a huge negative impact on your hormones (cortisol), which can promote fat storage.

Find ways to relax every day (maybe 20 to 30 minutes) in order to give your body a break from fight or flight mode. Your scale will hug you.

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