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RESOLVE TO BE IMPERFECT THIS YEAR: How to achieve your wellness goals

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Tom made the same New Year’s resolution every year. You know the one: to lose weight. His plan was to start dieting on January 1st, after the 12th stroke of midnight. Then, there would be no more Ruffles and sour cream with onion dip for him – only carrots and celery.

Of course, everything before that was a free game. His plan always worked, until he popped a few chips in his mouth on New Year’s Day. Game over. He’d screwed up his resolution again.

New Year’s resolutions can be wonderful, positive motivators. Just look around to see how full the gyms are after the first of the year!


A New Year offers a fresh start with a clean slate that gets you fired up for success. But, If you’re not careful, your resolution can present itself as an overwhelming task with the pressure to be perfect.

It may feel like if you slip up, you’ve failed. This “all-or-nothing” thinking is typical of a strict diet or an overzealous #exercise plan. It needs to change.

This year, resolve to banish perfectionist #resolutions. Write your resolution to include forgiveness if you end up eating a few #cookies you hadn’t planned on or didn’t get to the gym because you had to work late. A lapse in your plan won’t stop you from succeeding.

Wellness is a process. As you become #healthier, stronger, and leaner, know that slip-ups are part of this process.

Learn from them.

Brush yourself off; pick yourself up. Don’t wait until tomorrow, next Monday, or next year. You have the power to begin again that very next moment.

The secret to success in achieving your wellness goals is perseverance, not in how perfectly you carry them out. Try to do the best you can. Accept occasional lapses.

And, never give up on yourself!


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