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6 Tips to Keep Your Resolutions Rolling For The Whole Year

When you set your goals and put them in writing, you are more likely to meet those goals. Make sure to break them up into steps so that you don’t get overwhelmed and put timelines on each one. For instance, if you want to write a book your goals could look like this:

  1. Six weeks from today complete an outline (this can always be modified later; it doesn’t have to be final).

  2. Read an article about writing each day to gain ideas and #inspiration. (Articles can be found on the internet for free or you could purchase a book on a topic of your choice. There are articles on outlines too!)

  3. In one month’s time have a rough draft of chapter one. (And so on with chapters each month).

  4. Join a writer’s group, in person or online, or get a writing partner to provide positive support.

I suggest you keep your list to eight items or less no matter what your goals are. More could become overwhelming and is a sure element for failure. Read your list daily and check off steps as you do them. Celebrate each time you do, this will motivate you to push on. Also:

  • Take time each day to visualize your life after you have made your goals

  • Show gratitude and appreciation for anything that has led to you taking steps to meet your goals (this could be other people or situations)

  • Put up notes to inspire you throughout the day

  • Post pictures that can help you reach your vision. (For example, this might be clothing you want if your goal is losing weight.)

  • Find a support person that you can talk to for positive my writing and holistic health lifestyle is You just search by location and interest and then take the steps to join a meetup group. A lot of them cost you nothing or some leaders ask for a small fee to pay for a room or the cost of running a meetup group. You can belong to as many groups as you want.

  • Lastly – bookmark this article so you can refer to it time and time again!

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