How to Beef Up Your Immune System

Updated: Feb 17

Daily news reports the spread of the coronavirus and the uncertainty of treatment. Although some vaccines have been made available yet the treatment is uncertain, there are over-the-counter supplements that have shown to have antiviral properties and to support the #ImmuneSystem.

Although the following have not been validated as effective specifically for COVID- 19, they are nevertheless advisable at the onset of symptoms of influenza and viral upper respiratory tract infections and to help maintain a healthy immune system.

  1. Zinc: Supports the immune system.

  2. Garlic: Antiviral. Take with food to minimize #stomach irritation.

  3. Vitamin C: Fights infection and can lessen cold and flu #symptoms.

  4. Vitamin D: Supports the immune system. Higher levels associated with a decreased risk of seasonal viral infection and acute respiratory #infections.

  5. Vitamin E: Potent antioxidant. Supports the immune system.

  6. Cimetidine: A heartburn drug that has potent immune-enhancing properties. It is sold in pharmacies, over the counter.

  7. Melatonin: Helps with sleep, is an #antioxidant, supports the immune system. Take at bedtime.

  8. Selenium: Powerful antioxidant, #AntiInflammatory, #antiviral, and immune support.

  9. Green Tea: contains a powerful antioxidant called epigeal location gallate (EGCG), which has been used to fight influenza for 4700 years.

  10. DHEA: Support for the immune system

  11. Probiotics and prebiotics: Support the immune system, and antiviral

  12. Elderberry: Rich source of antioxidants, and can help with #influenza.

If you have signs of the flu (sudden high fever, fatigue, cough, congestion, or sore throat), you should call a health care provider immediately.


Dr. Kathleen Ireland Gregg is a Naturopath/ Physiotherapist at Heath Matters: A center for Wellness. Reach her at (517) 641-8000 or email:

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