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How We Become Attached To Inanimate Objects

Ever wonder why or how we become attached to things that are made of #fiber, plastic, and steel? I recently got in a wreck with my car… I was devastated. I wasn’t hurt too badly, other than being jarred from the head-on hit and the #airbag whacking me. But, what hurt more was the fact that my car was totaled.

I had other transportation, that wasn’t the problem. But I take very good care of my possessions and when I lose them it upsets me.

I used the car a lot for many things and it really can’t be replaced for the amount of money offered by the insurance company, this was the other thing. I loved how the car was handled, the features on it, and how it looked. I know I will have another car, but this one was really nice.

I recently talked with a boy whose family is #military, meaning that they move a lot. Every time he has to move he has trouble letting go of many physical objects, no matter how needless. For instance, his father threw away some of the covers to the armrests on the #booster seats. The little boy didn’t use the booster seat, but he got them out of the trash, which upset his parents.

I spoke with the boy and asked him why he kept them and he said he just didn’t like everything getting thrown away. Now, this boy has experienced a lot of moves, seeing his father go off for deployment, so he has gone through a lot of emotional ups and downs. I told his parents that it was just a short-term security issue and not to worry about it.

I think that a lot of people fear their relatives will become, or are hoarders. Now that the hoarder show is on Tv everyone diagnoses everyone else. True hoarding is rare. Many people have lots of stuff, for whatever the reasons, but hoarding has many different #psychological symptoms related to it and it interferes with everyday living.

Much like a security blanket or a favorite toy, these objects give us some sense of #peace, and when taken away can be devastating.

But the good news in all of this is that it is not that unusual, unhealthy, or a sign of a psychological problem to hold onto items that bring us peace.

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