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HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Having an optimistic attitude helps you live a more youthful life.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Experts feel that, along with drug therapy, a number of lifestyle and mind-body changes can help you heal your own heart. More research needs to be done in this area to convince doctors to prescribe this as an adjunct treatment to pharmacologic drugs.

Doctors have found that patients who had irregular heartbeats but practiced yoga, had less bouts, and had lower symptoms of #anxiety and #depression.

They explain that yoga increases the capacity of the lungs, lowers blood pressure, improves heart rate, and encourages better circulation of the heart.

Again, more studies that prove the association between a healthy mind and a healthy heart need to be done in this area to get doctors on board, because yoga, meditation, and biofeedback have few side effects.

To avoid injury that can occur doing yoga, it is suggested to go into it easy, and, if possible, take classes with a trained professional that can ease you into the moves so that you don’t strain muscles and joints.

Other things that may help you are a good sense of humor, a zest for life, and a deep sense of "purpose of life". These can give you the #motivation to want more out of life.

Having an optimistic attitude and not acting old help you live a more youthful life.

Scientists call sitting the new smoking. They point out that every place we go we are invited to sit down. Our transportation choices usually involve sitting. Once we get to work, most of us sit. We get home and want to give ourselves or our feet a break, so we sit.

Society is slowly finding this out and more people are using standing desks and exercising before and after work. This is good for our hearts and our health. A standing body uses energy differently than a sitting body. Our brains work better if we are standing. One study found that a group of high school students scored 20 percent better on test scores when standing.

Men and women, of every age, who spend the majority of their day sitting have more health problems and carry a few extra pounds. Studies show that even if they exercised, they could not counter the number of hours they exercised. In other words, sitting chips away at us even if we exercise.

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