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A MENTAL PIVOT: How to find your spark

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

What song do you hear in your head when you wake up in the morning? Is it something inspirational that gets you ready for a new day? Or do you just dread the thought of the upcoming day?

If you feel that way let us do the mental pivot! We need to be engaged in our work; time to find a spark. That spark can change the whole mental perspective and change dread to delight.

If you are reading this article you are halfway there. reading is, in itself, a spark. Good for you!

Personal momentum is derived from attitude, gratitude, and fortitude.

If someone in your day asks you to do something, leverage today's pivoting attitude of acceptance and blend in the grateful heart. Rather than immediately pivoting backward, getting defensive, and thinking of excuses why this request sucks, just pause. Five seconds can make a massive difference, allow your subconscious and conscious to agree because many times they do not. Now saying "yes" is not so hard.

Random acts of kindness (RAK) that enable meeting new people cost nothing and can change your perspective. Intestinal fortitude is defined as courage and endurance to go on. A great example of this is a marathon runner, their intestinal fortitude is admirable. It does not have to be as challenging as a marathon. I love RAKs as they are fuel to my fortitude. Making new friends is that easy, social circles need to grow, everyone.

Lastly, think about broadening your horizons through continuing education. I am so grateful and carry so much gratitude in my heart because of finishing college at MSU during my 40's. Nine years of grinding while raising children, working, and studying led to four published books, ten years (so far) as a NASM certified personal trainer, and ten seasons of talk radio. This does not happen without school.

Find something you like: group fitness, academic, or online. Look into how to make it real. Decide to get going. Always keep these words in your head:

  • Significant

  • Enduring

  • Wonderful

  • Amazing

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