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5 Health Benefits of Roasted Radish

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

I hear you; I hear you… you probably only know radishes in a salad served raw, right? Well my friends, have I news for you. On a recent teaching and culinary exploratory trip to Cuenca in southern Ecuador, I was reminded of a delightful dish I made many years ago and completely forgot about its amazing taste and ease in preparing. The original recipe contained nightshades, so I adapted it just for patients and subscribers. Herb-Infused Roasted Radishes are the perfect side dish anytime. They make a healthy, low carb, nightshade-free alternative to potatoes…AND…SO pretty!

This super-easy side dish also delivers a big-time eye-pleasing factor. And, especially when they're coated in butter, #avocado oil, herbs, and garlic…so delicious!

Even though radishes are seasonally a spring vegetable, they're readily available year-round. But if you're making this dish out of season, the radish greens might not be fresh enough to use; don’t dismay and avoid making the recipe, spinach works just as well.


  • They're super quick and easy to make vegetable side-dish.

  • Their eye-pleasing pinkish-red color is so pretty!

  • Baked #radishes lose their spicy bite so this is a recipe you can serve to even the pickiest eaters or children.

  • Even though they're deliciously buttery, this is a low-cal and low-carb recipe.

  • Smothered in herb butter = magic…AND…


Radishes are not well-studied for conventional medicinal use— most studies have been done on animals, not humans. Even so, radishes have been used as a natural remedy for centuries. They are used in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat many conditions such as fever, sore throat, bile disorders, and inflammation.

1. They won’t sabotage your healthy eating plan to gain the Anti-Inflammation Advantage™

A half-cup serving of sliced radishes contains about 12 calories and virtually no fat, so they won’t ruin your healthy antiinflammatory diet…AND…they’re the perfect crunchy snack when the munchies strike.

Radishes are a good source of vitamin C–a ½ cup offers about 14 percent of your recommended daily allowance. #Vitamin C is an extraordinary antioxidant that helps battle free-radicals in your body and helps prevent cell damage caused by aging, an unhealthy lifestyle, and environmental toxins. Vitamin C also plays a key role in collagen production, which supports healthy skin and blood vessels.

Radishes contain small amounts of:

Potassium/ Folate/ Riboflavin/ Niacin/ Vitamin B-6/ Vitamin K/ Calcium/ Magnesium/ Zinc/ Phosphorous/ Copper/ Manganese/ Sodium

2. Anti-cancer properties

Eating cruciferous vegetables, like radishes, is reported to possibly help prevent cancer. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, cruciferous vegetables contain compounds that are broken down into isothiocyanates when combined with water. Isothiocyanates help purge the body of cancer-causing substances and prevent tumor development.

A 2010 study found that radish root extract contained several types of isothiocyanates that caused cell death in some cancer cell lines.

3. Support a healthy digestive system

A ½ cup serving of radishes gives you one gram of fiber. Eating a couple of servings each day helps you reach your daily fiber intake goal. Fiber helps prevent constipation by bulking up your stool to help waste move through your intestines. Fiber is also reported to help you manage blood sugar levels and studies have linked the benefit of fiber to weight loss and lower #cholesterol.

Radish leaves may be especially beneficial. Results of a 2008 study on rats fed a high-cholesterol diet suggest that radish leaves are a good source of fiber to help improve digestive function. This may be partially due to their ability to increase bile production.

A separate study showed that radish juice may help prevent gastric ulcers by protecting gastric tissue and strengthening the mucosal barrier. The mucosal barrier helps protect your stomach and intestines against unfriendly microorganisms and damaging #toxins that may cause ulcers, inflammation, and even cancer.

4. Antifungal Properties

Radishes are a natural antifungal – containing the antifungal protein RsAFP2. One study found RsAFP2 caused cell death in Candida albicans, a common fungus normally found in humans. When Candida albicans overgrows, it often causes vaginal yeast infections, oral yeast infections (thrush), and invasive candidiasis.

An earlier study in mice showed that RsAFP2 was not only effective against Candida albicans, but also other Candida species to a lesser degree. RsAFP2 was not effective against Candida glabrata strains.

5. Help reduce ZEN FUNGUS effects

Zearalenone (ZEN) is a toxic fungus that invades many corn crops and animal feeds. It has been linked to reproductive problems in animals and humans, although the risk to humans is considered small it is still a risk. According to a 2008 study, radish extract improved the antioxidant level in mice and can be considered a safe way to diminish or prevent ZEN fungus effects.

Prep to Table: 30 min.

Serves: 4–6

Category: Vegetables/Side Dishes


  • About 3 cups of radishes cut in half

  • ½ cup avocado oil

  • 1 TB organic butter (melted)

  • 1 TB each, fresh finely chopped rosemary, thyme, basil Salt & Cracked Pepper to taste

  • 1 TB Balsamic #vinegar

  • 1 TB finely chopped fresh garlic

  • 2–3 drops liquid Stevia or ⅛ tsp powdered Stevia (optional)

NOTE: I like putting all ingredients, minus the radishes) into my mini food-processor so that it all becomes well-emulsified.


Preheat your oven to 400 F degrees. Mix or blend everything well EXCEPT the radishes, set aside. Cut radishes in half, discard radish tails. Toss the cut radishes in an herb-infused oil mixture. Lay them cut side down on a roasting pan. Bake 15 minutes in the oven.

I like to cut them in half, so their cut sides get a little browned and that also allows them to roast in about 15–20 minutes. Check your radishes after 15 minutes if yours are on the smaller side. It also depends on how tender you want them to be. I like them tender inside and a bit crunchy on the outside so usually mine end up baking for about 30 minutes, but then, my test kitchen is also at 8,000 feet so the elevation makes for longer cooking time. Another option is to do all the above, place in a sealed container for at least two hours, then bake… it helps infuse all the flavors—this is my preferred method as I don’t like it when herbs and oils simply “date” and don’t have time to “marry”.

Making #healthylifestyle modifications to avoid and overcome inflammation is what enables us to “Age Without Feeling or Looking Old” because we’re avoiding inflammatory foods and ingredients that age us prematurely while robbing us of quality of life and then propel disorders and diseases that shorten our lifespan.



Dr. Gloria Gilbère is Founder/CEO of the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation— after 22 years of owning/operating two natural health clinics in Idaho, she relocated her Health Sciences/Research/Anti-Inflammation Cooking Institute divisions to Ecuador, S.A. and recently has expanded internationally and in the U.S. Her worldwide consulting via phone and Skype continues as does the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation in Idaho. Visit her website at or call (888.352.8175) to schedule a consultation or register for her post-graduate courses for Certification as a Wholistic Rejuvenist Instructor and/or Practitioner

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