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MOVEMENT MATTERS: How come we disregard the importance of the Warm-Up?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Using our heads in our exercise and fitness (activities that are fun), is #paramount to a healthy lifestyle and quality of life. We can all agree that the evidence is clear. Moving more is a major attribute to gaining life-enhancing 'better odds'.

So how come we disregard the importance of the warm-up?

Here is a little story: Two years ago I was at my normal #gym and was running a little bit behind. No problem I thought, so I skipped the normal warm-up, (typically a minimum of five to 25 minutes, elliptical or bike work). Since I am being totally safe (not) and just lifting (bad move) I do a couple of quick press moves on a machine and move over to the cable fly machine. You have seen these in the gym, the type that you can face away from and push out or down with. So I put on the standard weight I normally use, do one rep, then two and that is when I feel a small 'pop' in the back of my left #shoulder. Hmm, that wasn't good. I finish the #workout quickly and go about the day. Two days later there it is; a strange unrelenting pain in the shoulder and I lost all the strength in it.

Boy, I knew that something was wrong. Dang, it!

Long story short, and an MRI later, I had a partial rotator cuff tear, and it took almost a year and a half of slow healing, dialing back and lifting and rolling a little ball on it to heal.

Even trainers train poorly occasionally; bad move, not warming up! Please remember always:

  • Warm-up at least 5-10 minutes.

  • Stretching is good, warmup and cooldown rocks.

  • Yoga moves are the best.

  • Remember, we train not to become sedentary.

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