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FITNESS GOALS: Finding support is paramount for every aspect of life

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The advice is great. No matter what you're trying to accomplish in life, chances are there is someone who has been on a similar path who has been on a similar path who can share their experiences. #Learning about the pitfalls, the highs and lows, challenges, and how to deal with success, is a great motivator. It helps you keep on track.

It's always good to have someone you can question. It's always good to have "a guy".

Do-it-yourselfers know what I'm talking about. You need to have "a guy" you call to see how to replace a sink or wire a new light or check out why the light on your dashboard won't go off. For those who have that network, you can save some cash while having the satisfaction of learning how to take care of your #property yourself. That's a good feeling.

In your professional life, it shifts from "a guy" to a contact. I can't tell you how many times I'm approached to find out who I know in the #BusinessWorld that can handle printing, design, writing, or anything else people deem as part of the #publishing business. I've become a contact for others, and I like that.

My feeling is that if you have a network of people who help with your property and #profession, why not find people who can help you with your health? Your health should be your top #priority. Without it, you can't enjoy much of anything else.

So find yourself a health professional guy or girl. I talk to my trainers all the time to sound off ideas, habits, and of course ways to burn #calories and stay strong. They'll tell you there are no shortcuts, it takes time and work, but it does help to have people who know what they're talking about. I have friends who are physical #therapists, doctors and, of course, the subjects of many of my articles have become part of my support network over the years. It all helps, trust me.

But in order for your guy, your contact, or whatever, to work, you have to start moving in a direction. Set a goal and chase it. Hold yourself accountable. Whether it's having the right tools or putting yourself in the right situations, make sure that you have people along the way to help.

In the end, it's a rewarding feeling to reach your goal. And, believe it or not, it's even more rewarding when you become someone else's resource.


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