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MAKING A RESOLUTION STICKY: Tips to make it beyond January with wellness goals

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Did you set a New Year’s Resolution last year? Did it stick? It is that time again. The time when we are positive, resolute, and firm in our mission to set a life-altering resolution.

Sound familiar? Been here before?

Are we going to do the same thing once again?

Resolutions, defined as “a firm decision or determination to do something”, are fabulous. But why is it that a month after making them, we fail?

As “middle-living” baby boomers, we need a smaller goal, something more achievable. Use your brain to visualize your achievements, think yourself happier, and healthier. Setting realistic goals can be a starting point to a new habit, and will lead to your behavior change sticking – stickiness is directly proportional to small steps. It really is that simple.

Making your resolution too rigid, or too large will doom you to disappointment. We must rethink our plan.

Self-improvement is a perfectly doable goal. It is how we focus our energy that holds the key. Will power is way overrated and sets us up for failure.

Will power cannot become sticky, behavior modification can. Believe in yourself, give yourself a chance! Think sticky, think small change; think old cue, new behavior, new reward, and new you!

Just because “I want to” does not mean “you have to”, just because you are used to doing something does not make it permanent and just because it has always been that way does not mean squat.

Choose one or more of these to help:

  • Keep a #journal

  • Listen to your favorite music to enhance your positive visualizations

  • Reward small achievements and believe in yourself

  • Take a ten minute time out to decompress and relieve stress

  • Get up from your desk every hour, walk more

  • Focus on quality, the quantity of sleep

  • Leave love notes to yourself

  • Drink more water

Your thoughts? Peace!


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