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How to modify your fitness model for daily activities.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Functional fitness. It’s something I live and breathe. Simply put, functional fitness means that you work muscles and complete movements that make it easier to perform day-to-day activities. Sure, you can modify this model, but trust me, keep it simple and feel your body change for the better. It’s the reason I try to stay as active as possible and go to the gym on a regular basis. I’ve even gone as far as buying a pretty nice set of used weights. It’s that important. Two days a week at the gym just isn’t enough anymore.

As I am growing older, I can feel the creaks and groans from my joints more than ever. However, working out and lifting weights has made those groans less restrictive. It’s also allowed me to be strong and do the things I like to do without losing much of a step.

  • I like to golf. Functional fitness has a lot of core work. I can still hit the ball well and far. I like that.

  • Grocery bags are a cinch. Load me up. I can still carry about 10 bags (depending on what’s in them) in each hand and carry them inside. Heck, even water softener bags are easier to move now that I do suitcase carries with #kettlebells.

  • Trips are easier. Driving and flying long distances used to cramp me up, plus added weight made the seats uncomfortable. Now I’m leaner, stronger and I fit the seats. I dig that. My wife and I have a lot of traveling to do now that places are opening up.

  • Sleep is better. No back problems. My trainer, Michael Uren, and I work on back and shoulder muscles a lot. That’s made life more comfortable wherever I lay my head.

  • Arthritis isn’t as noticeable. #Knees and toes used to ache a lot, for me. Working on weights and eating right has helped me lose weight and become more flexible. Exactly the cure (for now) for arthritis.

I used to hate lifting. I needed a challenge, or something competitive, to push myself. Now I just like the idea of being healthy and strong. I want to feel good and be able to keep up with my now-adult kids as they move on to their next phases in life.

If you’re looking to find motivation for feeling better, start working out, be active, eat clean and feel your energy increase as your functional fitness improves. Kimberly Whitfield has a great article and ideas on how to get started with your functional fitness journey.


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