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4 Simple Ideas for the Changing of the Season

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

For me, the month of September represents transition. More specifically, it is a time for a change and somewhat a shift in one's mindset. I believe it's important to embrace new seasons and seek out their beauty. Shorter days and cooler temperatures can certainly put a damper on one's spirit. Therefore, it's important to make positive changes to adapt. In fact, right now, today is a good time to plan for healthier autumn. Doing so will allow you to slowly process the shifts ahead without feeling overwhelmed.

Here are a few of my tips:


A morning routine sets the scene for the day and allows you to create positive behavior. It allows you to focus and push towards your goals while reducing distractions like the phone, television, and hitting the snooze button. To make your morning routine successful, plan it out ahead of time. Over time, you will look forward to your mornings!


During your market visits, select colorful fruits and vegetables and seek out simple online recipes that can be prepared the night before. You might also consider slow cooker crockpot options as well. Remember, we are what we eat, so take time to make healthier choices. Your waistline will thank you later!


The fall season can cause severe dryness to the skin. My advice is to pump up the moisturizer of your choice and gently rub from your face to your feet, every day. This will help to prevent flaky, dry, and irritated skin that comes along with the fall season. You can also have a look at our product if you are not satisfied with the results of your product or want to shift to another brand.


This is a great time to pamper yourself. Twice a week, treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Light a candle, put on your favorite playlist, and run a hot bath. Don't forget to add your favorite bath salts!

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