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PLAN YOUR RECOVERY: How to get rid of chronic pain

For two years I had been dealing with a nagging knee injury, not enough to keep me down but enough to remind me that something was not right. And my quality of life suffered.

Chronic pain doesn't just hurt your body; it hurts your emotions. It can impact your mood, your memory, your relationships, and your overall quality of life -- if you let it.

Don't let it.

Chronic pain can bring loss - loss of your physical function, your athletic abilities, a favorite hobby, a career, and even close relationships.

Don't allow it

Chronic pain can diminish concentration, memory, critical thinking abilities, and productivity. It's hard to stay on your game at work when you're in constant pain.

Don't give in to it.

It was up to me to have my game face ready. Getting a second opinion only confirmed what my initial doctor had said, but getting the second opinion was critical to my decision to not be a pansy and get it fixed.

Get a second opinion! I am here to say that I was afraid of being laid up, and that was foolish. When you have an injury or suffer from chronic pain, don't give into the mindset that as we grow older chronic pain is part of life. It is not, and it is up to you to make the decision to man or woman up. If you are hurt, do everything you can to fix it.

  • Don't let pain make you a victim

  • Not all chronic pain can be linked to an identifiable physical condition or injury

  • Plan your recovery, and do what your healthcare pro tells you to do

  • Pain relief is more likely when you and your doctor maintain an optimistic attitude

  • Rehab is a journey, embrace it, and it will embrace the new you

"Whoever said, 'No Pain, No Gain.' never had chronic pain" - AMANDA LAKSO

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