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How to Fight Stress and Move In The Direction of Self-Improvement

Updated: May 31, 2023

Our bodies are wonderfully complex and yet very simple: it is the paradox of being homo-sapiens. Humans have evolved and developed internal mechanisms to stay in a state of homeostasis, balance, and equilibrium. When we fall out of balance, we become "stressed".

Our bodies have intricate biological and chemical response tools that spring into action. These 'tools' respond if we see a bear in the woods or a not-to-so-friendly ex at the grocery store. Our level of response occurs through memories or anticipation; everything is played out in our minds, which is normal. Humans are designed to turn on the emergency response system activating our fight or flight mechanisms. It might be a deep-seated childhood memory that our brain responds to or possibly the #anxiety of anticipating a future event.

We experience stressful situations multiple times every day. Constant stress can lead to many health and emotionally related issues. From a rapid #heartbeat, higher blood pressure, to the everyday pressures of life, as we become stressed we burn energy. This can invariably lead to immune system pressure and illnesses. Autoimmune conditions and diseases have been linked to high levels of constant stress.

What to do?

Viewing stress through a different lens, one in which we perceive stress as a positive challenge is a good step in the direction of self-improvement. Understanding that we can control how we react to stressors, not allowing them to get us down.

When we strategize, we increase our odds of winning. Keeping a proper and positive perspective, for example, "that flat tire is not going to ruin my day" works. Ask yourself this: "is the pessimistic inner voice running the show or the optimist"?

We have a choice.

Try these

  • Maintain a #healthy social life

  • It is always about choice!

  • Realize good things can come.

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