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Why Summer is a Great Time to Start A Routine

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

With the hustle and bustle of today's world, giving your mind and body time to recover from life's stresses is important. Relaxation plays a huge role in that recovery.

According to the Mayo Clinic, relaxation improves your mental health by reducing fatigue and improving your concentration and mood.

You can feel the tension leave your body as it shifts out of an anxious state and into a state of rest, decreasing your blood pressure, relieving pain, and improving your immune and cardiovascular systems.

Reading, meditation, crafting, exercising, and getting outdoors are all fantastic ways to relax and unwind.

Now is the perfect time to kickstart your own restful routine, with the long sunny days and warm summer nights creating a perfect backdrop for your favorite leisure activities. Capital Area District Libraries have lots of resources that can help.

Meditation is a great activity to start with. Whether you've been meditating for years or are just getting started, I recommend checking out some books to refresh your routine through hoopla, like Mindfulness, Meditation and Mind Fitness (ebook) or Daily Meditations for Mindfulness (audiobook). Reading is another relaxing activity that does wonders for your health. Not only does it promote empathy and emotional intelligence, but according to a Yale University study, it can add up to two years to your life expectancy. With CADL's digital services, you can enjoy some of your favorite titles from anywhere at

For more leisure activities, consider attending an event at our branches. We offer knitting and crochet groups, friendly crafting afternoons and game sessions, even ukulele strum-along. Outdoor activities can also help keep your mind sharp and your body strong. Walk your way to fitness - plus enjoy a fun picture book - when you visit a CADL Story- Walk in a local park. Visit for more details.



Cassidy Gould is the Online Content Coordinator for Capital Area District Libraries.

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