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WELLBEING: The fantastic-five paradigm to satisfaction and continued development & growth

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I am a believer that well-being is a key to growing older with zest and pizazz. I have used the term in a speech I call the 'Well-being Paradigm' with the paradigm consisting of five components. I label these the Fantastic-Five. They are:

  • Wellness

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Medicine

  • Behavior

Each of these components has its own depth. One of the fun parts of discussing the journey and mission of living and flourishing is talking about these. For example in my world wellness is the lead-off hitter. The paradigm has eight levels which are:

  • Physical and Intellectual

  • Occupational and Financial

  • Spiritual and Emotional

  • Social and Environmental

Identifying our strengths and relative weakness in any of these subcategories can help us grow. This is a key to Generativity. Psychologist Eric Erickson is attributed to this concept and I was introduced to it by my friend and guest on our radio program Psychologist Dr. Debbie Heiser.

Framed by giving back to society through raising our children, being productive at work, and becoming involved in community activities and organizations, generativity helps us develop a sense of being a part of the larger life picture.

Being in the Middle Living phase of life (40-85) gives all of us ample opportunity to make amends, shape our future and give back. I like to say that the "Bling-Bling doesn't have the same Ring-Ring" it once did.

Understanding and working within the Fantastic-Five can enable our continued development and growth.

Generativity is the rocket fuel that can launch us into a fulfilled life. Growth does not stop at a certain age, and it actually can be enhanced as we grow into the next chapters.

It is up to each of us to determine the robustness. Think about this:

  • Flourishing is reflective of positivity

  • Happiness is an attribute of mental health

  • Life satisfaction is part of each person's soul

  • Giving back enhances it all, in every way, every day!

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