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THE MESSAGE ON MASSAGES - It can benefit your mind and body

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Massage therapy has many benefits for our health, but one aspect that is not talked about often is how it is helpful for our minds. One of the first physical experiences that we have in this world is that of being held and touched in a loving way when we are born. Our minds have evolved to release tons of #endorphins and #neurotransmitters that make us feel happy and safe when we are touched in a positive way.

Massage is an amazing way to feel cared for and to create a sense of emotional well-being. The sense of safety that is created when we allow someone else to take care of us is extremely important especially when we hold scary emotions beneath the surface.

When we feel this sense of safety, it allows our minds the space to properly work through and process uncomfortable thoughts and even traumatic events that we might not normally allow ourselves to fully release.

It is also not uncommon for someone to hold their body in a particular way because of past experiences and conditioning.

For example, think of a child who is yelled at often as a kid and made fun of at school. They learn from a young age to hunch their shoulders forward and to hang their head low. Because of this holding pattern, they might have extremely tight muscles in their neck that cause headaches when they are older.

Massage helps us to become aware of our bodies, how we hold them, and where we are tight. Massage loosens the muscles that cause us pain and allows us to carry ourselves with a new sense of relaxation and self-esteem.

So go get yourself a massage and be happy!



John Lawless is a licensed massage therapist at the Center for Therapeutic Massage in Okemos.

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