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BRAIN RECOVERY: Yoga, Meditation, and Exercise can do wonders

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

It's no secret that meditation and exercise on their own fosters a feel-good mentality but what happens when you combine the two? A recent small study conducted by Rutgers University scientists may have the answer. A study of 52 men and women was conducted, including 22 who were diagnosed with depression. The results, published in Translational Psychiatry, found when the people who were diagnosed with depression tried 30 minutes of focused attention meditation followed by 30 minutes of moderate #exercise, twice a week for eight weeks, they experienced a 40 percent reduction in depressive symptoms. Even the participants who weren't diagnosed with depression felt happier after 8 weeks. More research is needed but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try a few minutes of mindfulness before taking a yoga class or heading out for a run.

Clinical research studies continue to show the health benefits of yoga and mindfulness meditation practices following injuries. Origami has partnered with LoveYourBrain Foundation, becoming the first clinical site in the nation to incorporate their six-week yoga series into their programming.

The free yoga class is offered to brain #injury survivors and caregivers once a week for an hour and a half. The series empowers participants to positively adapt change into their lives through the power of #resilience and mindfulness.

The LoveYourBrain Foundation was created by a former professional snowboarder, Kevin Pearce, and his brother Adam Pearce after Kevin sustained a near-fatal traumatic brain injury while training for the 2010 winter Olympics.

Recreational Therapist Jennie Paggeot stated, "Origami and LoveYourBrain both focus on positive approaches to brain injury prevention and #healing so the partnership was very natural".

The effects following a brain injury are often complex and may include physical, cognitive, and emotional components.

The series is adapted to every ability and need, allowing everyone to experience the benefits of yoga following a brain injury.

Yoga practice can improve the connection between mind and body through the use of a series of #stretches and #breathing exercises.



Amanda Carr is an Occupational Therapist, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, and Clinical Manager at Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center. For more information on the LoveYourBrain Fundamentals Series or other services, Origami offers to brain injury survivors and caregivers, contact

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